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Press Releases


Edits and retractions of previous news and blog posts due to revitalization of the project.

Any questions can be directed to the e-mail contacts contained within the “Contact Us” page.

Michael “Talthos” W. (Complex Actions)



This is probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to write.

Today saw the end of my ability to continue with Complex Actions. I have wrestled with this decision for over two months, but there was no way around it. I cannot continue writing the comic anymore. We always said we would keep it going until we couldn’t do it anymore; sadly, that day came sooner than we expected or feared.

What happened?
As many of you know, Emily and I started this project as a new career option for each of us. She was in a stagnant job that she wanted out of, and I had recently been laid off. With unemployment benefits taking care of the bills for the short term, and the money we had in respective savings accounts, we felt it was a good time to try to make a webcomic. Despite hitting some hurdles in the beginning processes and switching from Ars Matris to Complex Actions mid-summer of 2009, we launched in September and never looked back.

OK, but it takes time for a comic to start making money!
True enough. Unfortunately, before we hit the magical point where the comic started paying for itself (which was all we needed; paying us could come later…) my unemployment benefits ran out, I had yet to find another job, bills around the house were increasing, and we depleted all of our savings trying to make the comic survive. We have gone from a comfortable cushion to vapors in our accounts, and that is unacceptable.

What about the store, or donations?
We sold a grand total of 27 orders through the store, and five of those were pre-orders for the new shirt designs. We made less than $100 in donations when we ran the donation incentives. Nothing came of any of the attempts at bringing in money, and even the conventions we attended only netted us small profits over the cost of attending. Look, we don’t blame the readers; we know with the recession, and our rather targeted market for our products, etc., there would be no way to turn a huge profit. I am not sure if we could have prevented this if every shirt, dog tag, and wristband had sold from the store. In truth, Emily always made more money from commissions than we brought in from other avenues. We had intended to put a subscription system into effect, but that continued to get pushed back as the implementation was daunting the web-dev team, i.e. my wife.

Why did you expect to be a mega-comic so quickly?
I didn’t. Not really. I just wanted to make enough to pay the utilities, keep us going, etc. Unfortunately, in the building phase of the comic, we were too aggressive; we put a lot of our own money into making it something it clearly could never be. We should have started small, maybe once a week or something, and just let it grow on its own. We expected a business right away, when we should have treated it as a hobby. In addition, we went from being a "gamer and gaming comic" to a "pseudo-diary, slice-of-family-life comic" far too quickly for my taste. I think the changing tone and attempt at improving my writing to impress people caused us to lose readership. I was killing the comic without even realizing it.

Are you sure this is what you want to do?
No. No, this decision will haunt me for months, if not years. No matter what, though, it is something I have to do. I have a wife and two kids that need to have a home and working vehicles to get around the city in. I need to make sure everyone can eat. I need to do what I can to pay Emily back for her portion of the costs for the comic. I am ashamed and angry with myself for leading her, my family, and all of the readers astray. I am frustrated all the time, stressed and depressed. This has affected my health and mental stability. Still, I am more upset over disappointing every reader we had, every business contact we had made. I feel like I have let all of you down.

What about WATO, Ars Matris, and other projects?
Scrapped. I love the stories I have written, but I do not like the writing of them. So, they have been tossed. The character backgrounds that were promised to be our next series of updates will likely be posted in the forums in story format. That way, we do not rob the fans who were interested in knowing the backstory of each character of that. As for any writing projects I had started? Gone. I am giving up writing, something I should have done long ago. I deluded myself, and all of you. I apologize for that.

So what happens now?
Emily will be taking over CA for a short time, updating it whenever she can with whatever scripts we had left in the coffers. This will continue for a couple months until she starts her own sequential art project. She will continue to take commissions and interact with the fans. As for our convention schedule, we will not be attending any more as Complex Actions. Once she moves on, the site will remain up but will not be active. Amanda Miller of and other sites we networked with have requested we remain up for archive purposes. So, it will remain for some time. Myself? Well, I am going to redouble my efforts to find work here, or something.

The store will remain open, as well, and the items have been discounted down. We will continue to fill any orders until we run out of product. Any money that we make from the apparel in the store will go to helping Emily fund her own projects, and pay back what she paid in. I feel honorbound to make sure that money is returned to her, as I feel the comic failure was my fault.

I would like to thank all the fans, readers, anti-Twilight folks, our friends, and family for making this a great ride while it lasted. Please do not harbor ill-will towards Emily, and look forward to her projects in the future. The decision to end CA was mine, and mine alone; she is free to continue it with another individual, although I assume she would rather not. Continue to support her art and creativity, and I am sure she will have something wonderful and interesting for everyone as soon as she is ready.

I wish I could have been more for all of you. You all mean the world to me.
Semper Fidelis

Talthos, Writer (Complex Actions)



Launch Date Comes a Month Late and a Week Early

World Wide Web – September 1, 2009 – Author and gaming enthusiast Talthos has realized a dream he never knew he had: becoming a comic writer, teamed with an artist that never knew she wanted to ink comics.

Over the last ten years, Talthos has continued to write a series of short stories and novel starters that have accomplished gathering dust as he edited, re-edited, and ultimately shelved the projects in favor of newer ideas that ultimately met the same fate.

Silkspinner, so soon after graduation was in a similar bind: finding that as much as she wanted to be a professional concept artist pursuing her own projects, or failing that a corporate concept artist, she enjoyed the style and freedom of comic art. Having drawn fan-based comics for some established web-comics, she decided to push forward in that field.

The two of them teamed up early this year, and started two projects. Ars Matris, a serious story-based web-comic based in a modern setting, was their original concept (roughly translated, Ars Matris is Latin for “art/technique of the mother” or more directly in the context of the comic, “mother’s technique/craft/character/art/profession”, which all seem to apply to the story in different ways.) This comic was to release at the end of July, with weekly updates to start.

Unfortunately for the duo, the task was more daunting than they thought, held back from completion by a number of factors. Thus, was conceived, based on a website concept that Talthos had a couple years prior.

" was originally supposed to be for my collective writings to be viewed online while I was attempting to get published,” says Talthos. “I had let it sit dormant with nothing more than an e-mail. [Silkspinner] suggested we do a gaming comedy strip, and it just fit to name it Complex Actions."

Originally set to release Sept. 7th of this year, Talthos and Silkspinner were able to take the lessons they had learned with Ars Matris and stepped up their production schedule of scripts and art, thus leading to an early release on Sept. 1st, 2009.

Talthos and Silkspinner, despite the release of Complex Actions, have not forgotten their first love. Readers can look for Ars Matris to be launched early 2010, which can be found at

Talthos, Writer (Complex Actions)