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Kestulefa is a rather pleasant woman, despite her subconscious desire to set things on fire from time to time, combined with contempt for the unintelligent and a love of fermented drinks. A skilled and school-trained magus, she leads a mercenary band of warriors, many of whom have questionable methods. She often crosses horns (literally!) with Talthos, her creator. Not all that surprising, Talthos often loses arguments with a fictional character from his imagination.


Cahotska is a deceased paladin resurrected by foul magics. Not one easily swayed by “inferior creatures,” she eventually shrugged off her creators’ control to pursue her own ends. Her motivations include pursuing the intense joy she gets from killing things, but also looking out for the welfare of her fellow Sentient Undead. She recently allied with Kestulefa, who she interprets as having a similarly mixed moral code. Cahotska has constant social difficulty due to her inability to understand the minds of the Living, which has driven her to drink.


ROFLDude is a player that is most noted by his speech patterns, lack of education, lack of common sense, inability to form sentences, and overall desires of leetness and pwnage.


Maneo is a happy, energetic thief, an idiot savant who adores shiny objects. She makes up for her insane talent in cutting purses, breaking and entering, and fleeing the scene by a marked lack of knowledge or common sense in almost any other subject. For some unknown reason, she spends a lot of time with Grandpappy…and usually returns anything she picks from his pockets.


No one knows his real name, but he is always around when people need him (probably because he cannot remember the way home.) A paladin of great skill, he is infused with the holy powers of his order (which, admittedly, are probably keeping his aged body alive at this point.)


Gimm is the quintessential Dwarven Warrior. Crass, blunt, rude, and usually odiferous, Gimm tends to travel with his healing companion, Hestian, as he has no ability to heal or restore himself. A slave to old prejudices, he prefers Hestian to travel with him in an animal aspect form because he really cannot stand her being an elf.


Hestian is the travelling companion of Gimm. She is a relatively young and naïve young elf who has tutored under Master Druids. While she tolerates Gimm and his mannerisms, she often wishes there was someone else with whom she could travel that did not smell so bad. Still, he is a very skilled warrior and does his best to protect her, so she sticks around.


Bladewynd is a cheerful elf rogue who enjoys beating on people and creatures with maces, feeling that knives are too commonly associated with her profession. Often accused of over-gearing her class, she considers good equipment and a sunny disposition is all it takes to defeat the dark forces out there. Still, most just see her as a simple homicidal maniac, beating on things as she moves stealthily through the countryside.


Ken-san is a monk of an unknown order. He usually imparts great knowledge and wisdom on those he meets, while surrounding himself with peace, tranquility, and humor.


Talesh is a master of the dark and shadowy arts. A warlock of skill and caliber, she summons up hellish and demonic slaves to do her bidding. Such tasks include the laundry, shopping, mowing the lawn and cleaning the dishes. An accomplished tailor, she often dresses up her imps and makes them play ‘house’ and sip tea.


Tayella is a Druid that is often...considered very un-Druid-like. She is often admonished by the Druid Council and the ruling Druidic Patriarch, but don't let that sway you: she is very skilled at what she does, and they know it. Usually, that means that she uses her different forms to further the interests of the Order: killing enemies, sneaking, spying, and blending in with the rest of the world. Few understand where Tayella's true skills lay, though; in the corpses of small, innocent, woodland creatures.

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