Talthos is a jack-of-all-trades that has written casually since he was in grade school. He has been published under pen names in the past, both for science fiction and fantasy. His numerous current projects require artists, or motivation on his part to complete them. With the choice to turn ComplexActions.com into a comic site, he also needs to figure out where to put all his writings.

Talthos has attended college numerous times, but employment and military service have always interrupted his ability to obtain a degree. Still, he trudges forward, planning on getting a degree in time once he becomes rich and famous (or at least, when he can find the time.)

Talthos has also roleplayed since he was 10, starting with Dungeons & Dragons by TSR (now owned by Wizards of the Coast®), then moving on to other games. His crate of dice is testimony to the sick addiction of gaming he has, as well as the shelves of books in his home. He is currently GMing a couple of games with his local group, including Legend of the Five Rings by Alderac Entertainment Group, and Shadowrun 4th Edition, Anniversary Edition by Catalyst Game Labs™.

Currently, Talthos is a fan of console gaming, tabletop roleplay and strategy games, board games, and card games. He enjoys MMORPGs, despite his seemingly jaded complaints, and Tactical FPS games. Additionally, he often goes to see new movies that interest him, as well as follows many types of television shows.

Talthos currently plays in the Alliance Faction on The Scryers roleplay server on World of Warcraft, by Blizzard Entertainment®.

Talthos can be contacted via e-mail here, and tries to answer as many as he gets.

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