New Site, New Changes!

Posted 23:44
Thu 23 June
by admin


New Site, New Changes!

As you can see, we have forced forward the new site. There will still be some tweaks to the formatting and content (and the return of ads, so beware...) but we are overall happier with this look. Before was Complex Actions 1.0; now we move forward into the new with CA 2.0.

With the changes to the site will also be some changes to the content. We will be bringing on another artist with some new content to reveal, as well as some new written content down the pipe (reviews, etc.) and potentially even a podcast!

The last year has been hard on us, but we have weathered it strongly and are pushing forward. We look forward to not only bringing back the Complex Actions everyone enjoyed when we started, but move forward with new content, new partnerships, and a new mission statement to grow in the next couple of years. Our goal is to continue bringing a little something for everyone from every walk of geek culture, but bring enough of each facet to really keep you all interested in what we have going on!

Our thanks to all the loyal and faithful readers who helped us when things were rough; you were the wind in our sails when we were adrift.
Semper Fidelis

Michael "Talthos" Willett, Writer (Complex Actions)


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