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Launch Date Comes a Month Late and a Week Early

World Wide Web - September 1, 2009 - Author and gaming enthusiast Talthos has realized a dream he never knew he had: becoming a comic writer, teamed with an artist that never knew she wanted to ink comics.

Over the last ten years, Talthos has continued to write a series of short stories and novel starters that have accomplished gathering dust as he edited, re-edited, and ultimately shelved the projects in favor of newer ideas that ultimately met the same fate.

Silkspinner, so soon after graduation was in a similar bind: finding that as much as she wanted to be a professional concept artist pursuing her own projects, or failing that a corporate concept artist, she enjoyed the style and freedom of comic art. Having drawn fan-based comics for some established web-comics, she decided to push forward in that field.

The two of them teamed up early this year, and started two projects. Ars Matris, a serious story-based web-comic based in a modern setting, was their original concept (roughly translated, Ars Matris is Latin for "art/technique of the mother" or more directly in the context of the comic, "mother's technique/craft/character/art/profession", which all seem to apply to the story in different ways.) This comic was to release at the end of July, with weekly updates to start.

Unfortunately for the duo, the task was more daunting than they thought, held back from completion by a number of factors. Thus, was conceived, based on a website concept that Talthos had a couple years prior.

" was originally supposed to be for my collective writings to be viewed online while I was attempting to get published," says Talthos. "I had let it sit dormant with nothing more than an e-mail. [Silkspinner] suggested we do a gaming comedy strip, and it just fit to name it Complex Actions."

Originally set to release Sept. 7th of this year, Talthos and Silkspinner were able to take the lessons they had learned with Ars Matris and stepped up their production schedule of scripts and art, thus leading to an early release on Sept. 1st, 2009.

Talthos and Silkspinner, despite the release of Complex Actions, have not forgotten their first love. Readers can look for Ars Matris to be launched early 2010, which can be found at

Talthos, Writer (Complex Actions)


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