Minna and Baskervilles

Comic #228
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The underlying sketch to a quick piece in the comic's style I'm working on. They aren't likely to become comic characters, but while Tal is mostly sticking with Kestulefa and Grandpappy (the old paladin, Loqvir,) this expansion, I've let poor Cahotska more or less fall into disuse. I'm currently playing these guys. Minna (Minnah in game for name availability reasons), on the left, is a shadow priest (and an engineer, for a very obvious reason!) and my main, while (Ellen) Baskervilles is my assassin. Yes, Baskers is the worgen rogue from some time ago...she's just a bit more subtle these days, when she isn't working.

Baskers' outfit is all wrong...she took too much influence from the Seventh Sea character I've been posting to my Tumblr. Still working out her outfit.

I'm...really very sorry that there isn't a comic this week, guys. To avoid being melodramatic on the internet, I'll just say that it's been a rather hard week to be attached to my wrist, and that the lack of comic is not due to a lack of attempts Also tried to fill this description with links to the tumblr, seventh sea character, and the original sketch of Baskers, but apparently this new system doesn't care for HTML in descriptions. I'll ask the programmer about that for future reference.

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